• Please arrive at 6pm sharp as the 5-course supper will begin promptly and served in a well-timed order. We will not be able to hold the dinner for late guests out of respect for other guests in attendance. We understand that sometimes things happen so if you're running a little late, please arrive as soon as you can. We can't guarantee that your food will stay hot but we'll still save you a plate!

  • If you've purchased a ticket but unable to attend the scheduled supper, please note that tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. However, purchased tickets are transferable to another guest only for the specific date of the supper you purchased, so please notify us with the name change as soon as possible by email ( Non-refundable tickets are a way for us to avoid any food waste since we prep and marinate up to two days in advance, and prep and ingredient costs are part of the ticket fee.

  • Supper club is held in our private home where we live full-time, and in keeping with Korean tradition, we have a no-shoes policy inside our home. We kindly ask you to remove your shoes as soon as you enter the apartment - we have a comfortable shoe bench to make this easier. Our floors are extremely clean!

  • We cannot accommodate specific dietary needs (i.e. allergies, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc). If you have concerns of food allergies to specific ingredients, please feel free to email us ( and let us know - we'd be happy to verify whether or not those ingredients are in any of our dishes.

  • Tax is included in the ticket price and we do not accept gratuities.

  • Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed. We offer a well-paired selection of wine at the table for an additional price.

  • Our food is most enjoyable hot and fresh off the grill, and we cannot fulfill any leftover take-home requests. Plus, we doubt there will be anything leftover since our food is just that delicious!

  • Out of respect for our neighbors, please keep talking/loitering on the stoop to a minimum when entering and exiting the building.

  • Please allot approximately 2 hours for the 5-course supper. We want you to relax and enjoy your meal!


Our pups will be kept behind closed doors on the other side of our apartment during supper. However, if you're allergic to dogs, it's probably not going to work out between us. Sorry! It's not you, it's them.