Mama Kim & Jung, 1983  Seoul, South Korea

Mama Kim & Jung, 1983
Seoul, South Korea

My mom has always been a great cook, carrying and building on my grandmother's recipes - my brother and I were very spoiled in that regard. From when I was a shy little kid in Seoul, I quietly watched and studied my mom prepare traditional Korean dishes for our family, friends and relatives. It was so exciting to watch her and it gave me much pleasure when she would let me taste the food straight from her hands. There's nothing more nurturing than that. 
In 2011 my mom started her own food venture, Mama Kim's, the first Korean BBQ food truck in Rhode Island, feeding everyone from Brown/RISD students to travelers from far and wide. It became an instant success and fixture in downtown Providence and on College Hill. Mama Kim's has been featured on numerous local and cable network shows, from Good Morning America to being nominated for Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. A testament to how delicious my mom's food really is.
After retiring from her food truck, I couldn't let the recipes go to rest. So I'm bringing them back, not only on my home turf of Brooklyn, New York, but in my own private home. I welcome you to enjoy a casual and fun table-top grill Korean BBQ, away from the hustle and bustle of a packed restaurant, with my mom's (and my grandmother's) special recipes. It's truly the best Korean food I've had between Seoul and New York City, and I'm proud to share it with you in true homestyle and carry on the tradition!

Ttal  •  딸  •  daughter

Ttal is a weekly Korean BBQ supper club in Brooklyn, New York, hosted by Jung Kim, daughter of the highly rated and reviewed Rhode Island food truck Mama Kim's. The intimate supper club held in Jung's private home features a five-course meal using Mama Kim's family recipes, and seats to the four-person communal table are booked on a first-come basis. It's a chance to share a great meal with friends, family and strangers alike!